Longshot (4.16 MB) Agregado el 15 Feb 2014 287 play times 1 jugador, Guerra, Espacio, Nave espacial, Aliens, Space Invaders, 3D, Gratis, Unity3D

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Descripción del juego:

You must destroy the other team’s space station before they destroy yours.
Choose to play as either aliens or the humans, both vying for control of a strategically important asteroid field in the remote reaches of the galaxy.
Pick your weapons and prepare for battle!

Game controls

See in game help for more details.
Use WASD to move in a direction. Double-tap a direction to perform special maneuvers.
Use the mouse to turn ship and aim.
Q and E will swap weapons and missiles.
Left and Right mouse buttons to fire them.
Spacebar changes the camera angles.

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