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Alien Gridvasion Agregado el 30 Dec 2023 Reproducido 23 veces Acertijos, Ejército, 1 jugador, Guerra, Aliens, Unity3D, WebGL

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Descripción del juego:

Dive into the heart of a strategic battle with 'Alien Gridvasion', a game that pits human ingenuity against the might of an extraterrestrial threat. An alien invasion has begun, but this is no ordinary foe. The invaders are puppets, ensnared by a sentient stone that has hijacked their will. Earth stands on the edge of peril, its fate hanging in the balance, not yet succumbed to a dystopian end.

In this game, you are the mastermind directing a specialized squad of soldiers, tanks, helicopters, and jets across a 4x4 grid. Each move is a vital decision, as your units lose 1 HP with every shift on the grid. Engage the enemy in a high-stakes duel by moving onto their tile, initiating a battle of attrition where the aggressor and the defender both lose HP equivalent to the other’s HP.

Your mission is clear: outmaneuver the alien horde, shatter the stone's psychic grip, and reclaim Earth's freedom. 'Alien Gridvasion' isn't just a game of tactics; it’s a crusade to save our world from a mind-bending occupation. Will your strategies hold against the brainwashed legions? The battle for Earth's future has begun, and it unfolds under your leadership on the grid. Enjoy playing this game here at Y8.com!

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