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Greedy Goblins Agregado el 22 Oct 2023 Reproducido 1 veces Arcade, 1 jugador, Bomba, Monstruos, Android, HTML5, Retro, Móvil, iPhone, iPad, Pantalla táctil, Pixel

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Descripción del juego:

Join the Dwarf on a super cool adventure in this tiny dungeon crawler game! He needs to rescue his Elven friend from those naughty Greedy Goblins. To do that, you’ll use bombs to blast through obstacles, grab keys, and find hidden treasures across a whopping 50 levels! Your Mission: Every level is a puzzle. To win, you need to grab the key and make it to the locked door. But beware, if you get squished or zapped by the Goblins, you’ll drop the key and lose a heart. If you run out of hearts, it’s game over! Meet Your Hero: Our little Dwarf can blow up stuff with bombs. Just drop a bomb, wait a sec, and watch it go BOOM! But don’t stand too close when it explodes! And remember, you can’t drop bombs while sprinting. Have a blast and enjoy playing this game here at Y8.com!

Controles del juego

Move WASD – Arrows
Bomb Spade – P – X
Run Shift – O – Z

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