Park it 3D: Fire Truck (12.1 MB) Agregado el 20 Mar 2014 535 play times 1 jugador, Disparos, Conducción, Fuego, Acuáticos, Secuelas, Aparcamiento, 3D, Gratis, Unity3D, Unity Web Player

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Descripción del juego:

Fire fighters not only get to drive those cool trucks but also save lives and protect us from many things, including fire disasters. Well, get ready for one exciting parking game. In 3D, you can drive around the city and reach the emergency points. When you park at the building caught on fire, you can take out fire using your hose and water. Aim well and be fast, fire might spread fast. For easier navigation there's top down view you can use to get around. Enjoy!

Game controls

Use arrow keys or WASD to drive. SPACE for hand brake. Toggle shift for top down camera. Use ESC or P in game for pause menu.

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