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Descripción del juego:

To all fans of winter fishing is dedicated.
It is your turn, fans of winter fishing, it is time to go on the ice!
Ice fishing is a special fishing. In this fishing involves catching a cold and very limited time. Ice fishing does have its own set of rules.
- Be mindful of everyone's personal space. Don't drill a hole too close to another hole.
- Mark your holes. Click the mouse on the lake.

Game controls

- Select the place for fishing and Click on the lake.
- Use mouse to fishing.
- Use a variety of baits to catch the fish.
- Use the mouse wheel to lower and raise the bait (or arrows on the screen).
- Gently allow your bait to go right to the bottom, and allow it to stay there. If nothing is happening, raise your line up to a new depth, about four feet higher than where it was. Repeat this process until the bait is right up, nearly into the hole.
- Try this whole procedure a couple of times in any given location.
- If there is nothing doing in an area, go elsewhere to bore a hole. If you've drilled a number of holes, and can return to any of them, re-try some of the holes a bit later.

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