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Skate Fu Agregado el 06 Jan 2020 Reproducido 267 veces 1 jugador, Skate, Kung Fu, Side Scrolling, Skating, Saltos, WebGL

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Descripción del juego:

Skate Fu is an Indie retro 2d skating game with normal mapped sprites that light up. 20 levels to race through! You must rescue the princess from a dragon, you have one hour before the dragon eats her Yikes. Collect Lighting Bolts to Power up with extra jumps and extra hit points. You Can Customize the trick list as you learn new tricks. The Skateboarding controls are simple to use and fun to master. As you skate through the levels you will be ducking and dodging bombs snakes alligators and other monsters.

Controles del juego

Press And Hold “W” to jump. Tap “Space” for a full jump. Tap “A” and “D” to push left or push right. Tap “S” to Duck. You can also use the arrow keys!

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